OSTARA FARM: Breeders of premium, purebred Scottish Blackface Sheep

OSTARA FARM is located in the parklands of central Alberta, Canada, approximately 80 kilometres southeast of Edmonton. The Boyco family has been at this location for approximately 14 years and has been raising purebred, registered Blackface sheep for about half that time.  

Although Blackface, also known by other names including Scottish Blackface, is a common breed in the United Kingdom, good purebred stock can be difficult to find in North America. With that in mind, our aim is to secure the best and most diverse bloodlines possible and breed for premium stock for others who may be interested in keeping this remarkable animal.  

Beginning in 2007 with 15 registered animals from four different farms in British Columbia, the Ostara Farm flock has grown significantly with bloodlines reaching into the United States and Scotland. Ostara Farm Blackface have been sold to breeders across western Canada.

For more information about Ostara Farm and our Blackface stock, write to:


ostarafarm (AT) scottishblackface (DOT) com




Camrose, Alberta

T4V 2N1

All photographs that appear on this site were taken at Ostara Farm and may not be copied or otherwise disseminated without prior consent.